MMS 08 - Moistirizing Machine

Fabric remoistening machine is designed for to conditioninig and remoistening the cotton, viscose and cotton blended fabrics. Application occurs by specifically designed spray disks, called rotors, which are located one
next to each other within a rotor carrier.
The supply unit provides the desired liquid amount. Rapid rotor rotation produces a uniform flow of microscopically small droplets. Adjustable sliders form a defined spray fan on each rotor, and the individual spray fans are
arranged next to each other without a gap and cater for a uniform application.
A frequency - controlled rotary pump lifts liquid from the store tank to the rotor carrier via a prefilter. Liquid not sprayed by the rotors in the rotor carriers is returned to the supply unit via return filter. As a result it does not get lost and remains within the liquid circuit. Remoistening machines can be assembled to stenter or sanforizing machine.

1. Fabric loss can be minimized by having proper humidity.
2. Humidity makes the handling better.
3. Optimum result can be obtained by synchronizing the remoisturing machine with stenter and sanforizing machines.
4. Compact space - saving design.
5. Modular design allows easy adjustment to applications and customer requirements.
6. Touch panel with user - friendly system interface.
7. Good accessibility for system service and liquid change.
8. Low-maintenance.
9. Use of commercial system
10. Easy use and controlled by plc programme.

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