MMS 09 - Edge Cutting Machine

Edge cutting device should be assembled to the stenter or sanforizing machine. Edge Cutting is done while the fabric is passing through the trims.
Edge cutting machine eliminates the problems commonly associated with conventional high speed blade systems.
Also it has gained acceptance world-wide as the premier method for selvedge trimming. Point of cutting can be set to be within 5-10mm  from holes of innermost row of pins. Trimmed selvedge waste will never remain on the pins
after trimming.
After a miss-pin, fabric edge will return to its previous position and trimming will resume without operator attention. Edge following feature will result in uniform trim waste width, in the event there are changes in tension between pin chain and stripper roll, automatic edge following feature maintains uniform trim waste width without operator attention.
Machine can run in manuel and automatic mode. Since the trims are made up of stainless stael, life term of the trims are too long. Machine has its own oiling system whicih  makes life term of the trims longer.

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